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Drums / Pulleys

Drums supplied for belts as wide as 2800mm and as narrow as 50mm. Manufactured to any of the following specifications:
  • Slatted Drums
  • Internal Bearings
  • Drive Drums
  • Spirals
  • Tail & Take Up Drums
  • Bossed & Welded
  • Bossed & Keyed
We have found Ring locked drums eliminate the weld fatigue problems associated with Bossed & Welded. This method also enables changing of the shaft.
Refurbishment of damaged drums:
Shaft repairs & bearing changed.
Conveyor Pulleys
We supply conveyor pulleys made to your specifications and dimensions
  • Drive
  • Tail / Snub / Bend
  • Solid
  • Spiral
  • Slatted
    Flat or crowned face

  • Bossed & Keyed / Plain Welded / Taper-Lock construction
  • Pulley Lagging Service available
  • Pulley Repairs / refurbishment
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