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Recycling Belts

If there are any special or difficult applications were your current belts aren’t working, we can help. We have recommended and made specially designed belts for many applications. We are aware that recycling can sometimes change especially with the materials coming in, so if you need a belt designed give us a call.

We also have all different types of rollers for every application, they can be in steel or polymer. If they are not in stock we can have them manufactured within a short time.

All your recycling conveyor need can be meet by TVVS. Just give us a call for a site survey.

Recycling Belts

We have a large range of recycling belts in stock. We can supply all types of friction back belts in both Rubber & PVC. We also have cut and gouge resistant PVC belts and cut resistant rubber belts.

Belts to Suit Your Needs

We can make any belts to suit your needs. Here at TVVS we have found that not all recycling belts are the same for each plant. We can make all belts with cleats or sidewalls. We can make any type of belt with any type of profile you require.
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