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Issue 2 – March 2015
Now a supplier of all types of conveyor belt cleaners

Our belt cleaners and plows are specially designed to help keep your conveyors running efficiently and consistently, so you reduce maintenance costs, work safer, and save money. From pre-cleaners and secondary cleaners to specialty cleaners developed for select applications, we have numerous options to help you minimize carry back.

Without effective cleaners, conveyors experience unchecked carry back. Fugitive material is released all along the conveyor, so clean-up must be done along the entire length of the system. This increases man hours, downtime and risks. In fact, 39 percent of conveyor-related accidents occurred while cleaning or shovelling around the conveyors. Carry back also causes the belt, splices and idlers to experience excessive and premature wear.

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Raptor Poly Head Cleaner

The Raptor poly head cleaner is and effective economical cleaner designed to run on all types of belts. With its easy adjustment and blade change it becomes a low cost maintenance cleaner.
Only change the blades that are worms for these are on board all of our vehicles.

  • Low cost pre-cleaner
  • Easy installation
  • Easy adjustment
  • Easy blade change

Raptor Spares

The Spares for the Raptor can be purchased with just one call. The blades are 150mm segments that are easily and quickly changed. The fixing kit for attaching blades consist of the bar and two bolts. These are stock items. Our blades fit all similar segment type cleaners.

Rotary Brush

The Ultimate Belt Powered Brush Cleaner For Chevron and Flat Conveyor Belts This is the most cost effective way to clean your chevron belts. The cleaner has a unique conical shape which helps to clean between all the chevrons and push the material downwards into the chute.
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