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Belt Cleaners to remove unwanted debris from the return side of the conveyor.
The V-Plough is a belt cleaner for the tail drum and is designed to clean the return side of the
belt and eliminate debris going into the drum. This debris can puncture the belt or cause serious
tracking issues. With one of our ploughs this can be eliminated very quickly.

    • Cleans the return side of the belt just before the tail drum
    • Can be adjusted to the belt surfaces quickly and easily with our unique Stainless Steel turnbuckle
    • Eliminates conveyor belt damage and tracking problems
    • Available in four sizes for all belts widths
    • Removes carry back to both sides of the conveyor


Diagonal ploughs single and bi directional
The Diagonal Plough cleans the belt in front of the tail drum at a 45o angle. The plough discharges unwanted product to the selected side of the belt for easy access to clean up. The diagonal plough is the versatile, economical solution for protecting the tail drum, drive drum or gravity take-up drums. The plough comes in single direction or double for reversible conveyors.
  • The diagonal plough removes the material before it get into the tail drum, causing unwanted damage or tracking issues
  • Can be used anywhere on the conveyor. The diagonal plough can be installed on the inside of the return belt anywhere there is a problem with materials falling
  • Replacement blades are at a low cost
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