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Pulley Lagging

We supply and install various pulley lagging materials. We also offer an on-site pulley lagging service, subject to access and site conditions.

Cold Bonded

  • 8mm / 10mm thick diamond pattern rubber
  • Economic
  • Requires 4 hours curing time after fitting
  • On or off site installation
Hot Vulcanised
  • 5-20mm thick plain or diamond pattern
  • High quality
  • Requires shot blasting treatment
  • Off site only
  • 3-5 day turnaround
Welded On Slide-Lagging
  • High technology grip
  • Quick & easy to fit
  • On or off site installation
Ceramic Lagging
  • Offers very high friction & wear resistance
  • On or off site installation
Worn Pulley Lagging can Lead to Expensive Problems:
  • Drive / belt slip
  • Belt tracking / belt edge damage
  • Belt over-tensioning
  • Motor failure
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